Frequently Asked Questions

What is tarot card reading?

Tarot card reading is a practice that uses a special deck of cards, known as tarot cards, to gain insights and guidance about various aspects of life. It involves interpreting the symbols and meanings of the cards to provide clarity and perspective.

How long does a tarot card reading session typically last?

The duration of a tarot card reading session can vary depending on the reader and the type of session. It can range from a short reading of around 15-30 minutes to a more in-depth session lasting an hour or longer.

What can I expect from a tarot card reading session?

In a tarot card reading session, you can expect the reader to create a comfortable space for you to ask questions or discuss areas of interest. They will use the tarot cards to provide insights, guidance, and potential outcomes related to your questions or situation. The reader may also encourage self-reflection and provide suggestions for moving forward.

Can I ask specific questions during a tarot card reading?

Yes, you can ask specific questions during a tarot card reading. It’s helpful to have a clear intention or specific area of focus in mind to receive targeted guidance. The more specific your question, the more specific the insights from the tarot cards can be.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes, you can receive tarot card readings over the phone or through video session.

How much does a tarot card reading session cost?

Please check Services page. Thank you.

What is the difference between tarot card reading and psychic readings?

Tarot card reading is a specific practice that uses tarot cards as a tool for guidance and insight. Psychic readings, on the other hand, involve a broader range of intuitive abilities and may not always involve tarot cards. While some tarot readers may have psychic abilities, tarot card reading itself is a separate practice.

What is crystal guidance ?

Crystal guidance is the practice of using crystals for support, healing, and personal growth by harnessing their unique energies and properties. It involves selecting and working with specific crystals to enhance well-being, balance energy, and achieve desired outcomes.

what is love angel guidance ?

Love angel guidance refers to seeking guidance and support from angelic beings specifically related to matters of love, relationships, and matters of the heart. It involves connecting with angelic energies through prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices to receive insights, guidance, and assistance in matters of love and romantic relationships.

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